project information

projectISJC Educational Sports Complex 
Size6000 sqm 
Statuscompetition entry 

project description

The Cluj County School Inspectorate held, at the beginning of the year 2010, a contest for a mixed use building: sports areas, mainly for children, as well as the offices of the new headquarters of the inspectorate.

Our team developed a concept that suggests an opening of the perspective from the street to the Reformed Church, located on the Eastern side of the plot.

In order to emphasize these sporting functions through their connection with Morii Channel, the gym and the pool were located on the Southern part and the headquarters of the inspectorate on the Northern side. Sporting functions are mainly at the ground floor, with direct visual contact with the building interior. The inspectorate offices are located at upper levels.

In order to make the area more attractive, a benched esplanade on the bank of Canalul Morii invites to socialization, relaxation, meditation and study. Therefore, the natural environment is preserved and enhanced at its most, both by including the existing trees within the suggested landscape design, and by the setting of the proposed building in relation with Canalul Morii. An underground garage including 44 parking lots, fully releases the site of parking areas, making room for vegetation. 

In order to integrate the building in the area, we chose contemporary volumes which do not defy the site surrounding area. More transparency was proposed, both for the ground floor and for the upper levels. The net fa├žade confers unity to the building and has its chromatic roots in the color of the slag field currently existing on the site. Due to its semi-transparency, the net conveys mystery during the day and in the evening it seems that the properties are reversed, as the interior light is allowed to flow. This semi-transparent cover diminishes the gross volume of the gym, which does not allow much finesse, but, at the same time, it serves as a sun shade for the curtain facade of the office area.