project information

projectNapochim Mixed use project 
Size22.500 sqm  
Statuscompetition entry 

project description

The 1st concept:

The concept of this development starts from the simultaneously meeting of functional and density requirements - specified by the urban planning indicators – and a morphological configuration based upon connecting the offices area with the public space. Meanwhile, the housing area is organized around a private interior garden. The withdrawing steps morphology has a double purpose: bringing natural light for the South and West facades – with the most favorable orientation – and visually connecting the housing area with the Cluj city center shape, with which it establishes a direct liaison.

The 2nd concept:

The second stage, which is about extending the development towards Ploiesti Street, is based upon the recycling of the existing structure supported by three simultaneous arguments: keeping the already built volume provides a better spatial efficiency than demolishing and rebuilding, which would not lead to the same existing areas, based on the urban planning indicators; using the existing structure, with the suggested additions, is economically and ecologically sustainable, while the memory of the site is still preserved; both offices and housing areas that resulted in the converted volume of the industrial building provide a unique attractiveness through the two-leveled rooms and interior stairs.