project information

projectRobert Bosch 
Size39.700 sqm 

project description

The fourth project for the Bosch group in Romania meant the relaunching of the Tetarom 3 industrial Park in Jucu, after the leaving of the Finns from Nokia. The standard learned from Bosch means progress, accuracy, functional, efficient and comfortable. Industry means civilization, civilization means quality architecture. Industrial buildings were and must be quality architecture. The building parts are articulated hierarchical, gate house, cafeteria, recycling platform, offices, production, storage, expedition and technical annexes. The spaces for people involved in the global industrial production developed by the Stuttgart group. The anthracite volumes have silver accents, with horizontal stripes and textures of surfaces elegantly proportioned. The human scale and the car scale meet in the same building, matching one another. The static and the dynamic are combined. We cannot tell if the Bosch factory is a German car produced in Romania or a Romanian car for the German industry. When we say "car" we think of architecture.

photo: Cosmin Dragomir