project information

projectBosch Rexroth Canteen 
LocationBlaj / Alba 
Size2614 sqm 

project description

The City of Blaj, located on Tîrnava River, gathers the old benchmarks of culture and history, the school and militant traditions, and the latest industrial activities.  Although in many places the twentieth century industry was decomposed by abandon or replacement, in this city the benchmarks transformed continuously.  Since the past ten years a new apparently dynamic factories assembly is emerging. It is time for a new facility for those who work here, through the canteen building. The Bosch Group expresses itself throughout his buildings, which even if different and evolving with each new development, shows a modern rationalism, as a tribute to its great inventor and founder. The Canteen represents the place for meeting and transparency. Horizontal, continuing indoor and outdoor and vice versa, the multifunctional space is the one that gathers everyone who works here, almost placing them at the same table. Despite the  industrial appearance, both in structure and metal closures, colored planes,  warm floor and bright translucent and sound absorbing discs that forms a scenographic ceiling, the building outlines a different atmosphere.  The exterior terrace offers outdoor seating and the roof is designed through a circular cutout so as to leave a tree planted during the inauguration to measure the passing of time through its growth.

Photo: Alexandra Bendea