project information

projectCourt House Horezu 
LocationHorezu, Valcea 
Size3.154 sqm  
Statusdesign concept 

project description

Law Courts are institutions with determined responsibilities; in a constitutional sense, they represent all the bodies that constitute the judiciary, which along with the legislative and executive powers define the three independent powers of the state. Thus, such an institution is willing to have a public and fair architectural character, expressing the social role and the reputation of justice. Another feature of the architecture of this building is that of shaping a representative function that should signal its presence in the urban landscape, in order to express the fundamental feature of the institution.

Justice is symbolically represented by the imposing figure of the proposed building, with very firm lines. The offered volume is solid and impenetrable at the bottom, where the courtrooms are located, and the whole volume becomes lighter at the top, where the court offices are situated. The opacity from the lower levels resulted from to the need to insulate the courtroom and the archives. Also, the glazing on the upper levels provides natural light for the court offices.

The whole volume is simple, the façade expression was inspired by the local customs particularly the Horezu ceramic, so the proposed brick-plated façade mimics the ceramic. The pattern from the local ceramic pots was interpreted for the expression of the facade, which is divided into three registers, the lower side is opaque and the upper registers have multiple penetrations. For the lower register a spatial brick pattern was used, while at the upper registers a simple, plain brick-pattern was considered.