project information

projectCourt House Radauti 
Size3.301 sqm  
Statusdesign concept 

project description

Court Houses are institutions with specific tasks that represent a part of the judicial power, which together with the legislative and executive powers defines the three independent powers of state law.  Such an institution needs a public and uniform architecture, in order to express social standard and justice reputation.  The outlining of a representative presence in the urban landscape, that shows the fundamentally power of this institution is also an architectural characteristics.  The building of the Court of Law is a challenge for every new generation of public constructions, which join performing functional solutions with a firm, contemporary image, appropriate for a justice building. Justice is symbolically represented by a very clear lined imposing building. The proposed volume is massive and impenetrable in the lower side and becomes lighter in the upper side, dematerialized on the top. The chosen colors also suggest the severity and firmness of the act of justice, the gray used mainly in the facades is neutral colors that suggest the impartiality of justice.