project information

projectEthnographic Museum Transylvania Pavilion 
Size2.000 sqm  
Statusdesign development 

project description

The program for this pavilion is an outstanding one in Romania. The building shall host the patrimony objects of the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania, restoration workshops and laboratories, which are currently missing from the prestigious institution.  The design concept is based on a contemporary interpretation of traditional spaces and on an extension of the veranda. Furthermore, the materiality and ornamental details of the fretwork screen, which filters the light, represent the connection with the used ethnographic sources. The storehouses and the laboratories can be included in the public and researchers visitation circuit. A walk through the veranda shall allow the watchers to see the preservation activities from the outside. The pavilion aims to provide a contemporary architectural solution, discretely and harmoniously integrated in the  collection of folk architecture of the Transylvanian Ethnographic Park.