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projectParking Piata Avram Iancu 
Size798 places 
Statusnot built 

project description

One of the big problems of infrastructure of every town for which Cluj has made several steps in the recent years is the public parking. Although several buildings were made for outdoor parking, the problem is far from being solved, especially in the East side of downtown, where public institutions, the Court, Tax Authorities, offices and cultural institutions need solutions. We studied and proposed a network of three high-capacity automated underground parking that can store the entire amount of cars that park on the streets of the eastern center, doubling the capacity of freeing valuable public spaces for pedestrian purposes. The system consists of fully underground parking with elevators that take and teach robotic vehicles at access points in a very short normal range. Ramps are not used, drivers to not enter the parking lot, the cars engines are off and there is no pollution, the energy consumed is electric and vehicles are in total safety, the danger of maneuvers collision is eliminated as well.