project information

projectOlimpia Business Center 
Size6.810 sqm  

project description

We designed an efficient plan layout, bringing an innovation for the three story parking area – two vehicle elevators from Otis. We kept our building beneath the high-rise lower limit so that we wouldn’t use unnecessary space with another vertical circulation joint. Ambitious and stubborn, we wanted to be the first studio in Cluj to use a ventilated facade system made out of ceramic plates. The main entrance is marked by a slit right above it, which extends through the whole height of the building. The window ribbons and the alternating two-coloured ceramic tiles suggest that no matter how serious the situation is, there is always a little space left for playing. Simple tricks made this building elegant: a high-tech canopy, an entrance hall dressed up in stone and wood, abundant in artificial light provided by some default Zumtobel lighting sources.

photo: Cosmin Dragomir