Our philosophy

1.    We design. We discover solutions to suit our client aims. We work with our clients to develop projects. The journey towards a new construction is often difficult, but we travel with our clients from the first to the last day.

2.    We integrate. Planning, architecture, engineering and facility management are melting together in every project. To obtain quality each has to bring contributions in a balanced holistic approach.

3.    We master computers. Computers are our precise tools. Tolerances and errors belong to the real world and we reduce them by not allowing them into the virtual project. The virtual is the future real in permanent discussion with what it has to become. BIM is the way we develop our projects.

4.    We conceive for the place. Particular conditions at every project site are important and lead to specific solutions. A complete site analysis is determinant for both project concept and solution.

5.    We understand architecture. Architecture is the result of wishing, thinking and building. It consists of both immaterial and material characteristics, such as value, efficiency, satisfaction and cost, profit, performance. Our clients need good architecture.

6.    We adapt. Permanent evaluation of the project development means to adapt to what becomes priority. This also means to stay open and to never consider a project frozen, solved. We adapt as a way of development towards reality and quality.

7.    We revise. To design means to manage the changes and to permanently revise models, drawings, schedules. Revision doesn't mean correction, it means evolution. 

8.    We communicate. Continuous communication with clients, authorities, contractors and suppliers is fundamental. Lack of communication in construction costs lots of money in the end.

9.    We innovate. There is no progress without innovation. Creation and innovation are the means for design. The last project has to be better than the previous one.

10.  We deliver. To design means to deliver what is expected at the right time. A project is a series of deliveries.